I have over 2000 lures of all kinds lots of bagleys heddon and creek chubs I have tons of fishing lures of all kinds rapala rebel manns norman smithwick storm bombers cotton cordell rattle traps and a lot I don't know what are.i always have lures on ebay and sell under jettt111

if you are interested in anything I can be emailed at jettt111@bellsouth.net

buddys lure site

rare bagley bang o lure in rare f08 black on purple color that is rated 10 out of 10 in rarity new in the package *$150.00*

super rare combo oliver & gruber glowurm in green and yellow in a wooden box ! they are both in better shape than you ever see these in . it has a spare lip and body $ 525.00 *.

super rare special color bagley bang o lure #4 ive heard its called the alien color. i have never seen this color before.johnny garland and ex bagley prez bill stuart said its legit *$350.00*


rare creek chub 2600 R pickeral pikie. * $225.00 *


 most old favorite fishing lures in this big lot of lures. all kinds of popular makers.